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Case studies

We've partnered with over 100 companies, delivering digital products across mulitple industries.
Digital products realized for sustainable growth, delivering value on time, on budget.
Empowering E-commerce Evolution: The Omnipack & SH Synergy

Empowering E-commerce Evolution: The Omnipack & SH Synergy

SH joins forces with Omnipack, a European leader in e-commerce logistics. Together, we've optimized the OmniSoft system, introducing Agile best practices and achieving significant cost-efficiency. Explore this e-commerce triumph!

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Software Development

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Reffine:  A Vision Transformed into a User-friendly Tool
Cloud-based platform for Siemens Financial Services in Poland
Rainbow Tours and their Innovative Product Shift
Doogie - Your medical AI assistant
Siemens Healthineers’ sales organization: a robust mobile CRM tool
Navigating Cyber Risk Decisions with Confidence and Rapid Growth
Powering climate programs for leading brands with CHOOOSE
Simon Care: A full MVP mobile app within 5 months
Accelerating Impact through Rapid MVP Development
Algorithm powered booking platform for groundbreaking airline model
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