Charting New Skies 

Bringing Flyv's Vision to Life with SH

 Charting New Skies 
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    🇨🇭Switzerland / 🇩🇪Germany

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    May 2023

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    Product DiscoveryConcept Designs

Embarking on Flyv's Ambition

Located between the beauty of Switzerland and the industry of GermanyFlyv aims to change how Europe views aviation. Instead of using the common hub-and-spoke system seen in most airlines, Flyv relies on an advanced scheduling algorithm. This software carefully plans daily flights based on bookings and operational details. Customers get a unique service: they know their travel window when they book, but receive the exact trip details shortly before leaving. While their app hasn’t launched yet, Flyv’s goal is to become a leading and recognizable global brand.

Our Engaging Expedition with Flyv

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Discovering the Uncharted

The collaboration commenced in May 2023, steered by Account Manager, Artur Povodor, and Project Manager, Seweryn Olek. The mission? To catalyze the conceptual phase into a tangible design prototype. 

Our holistic approach encompassed:

  1. Knowledge transfer through on-site workshops with the Flyv team.
  2. Formulating low-fidelity designs and user testing them.
  3. Fine-tuning the concept designs.
  4. Detailed technical analysis focusing on the booking flow and the fulfillment algorithm.
  5. Offering strategic estimates and next-step projections.

Challenges & Innovations


Treading the Balance in Design

The distinctive nature of Flyv's business model presented a two-pronged challenge. While the UX had to resonate with conventional airline ticketing systems, offering familiarity, it also had to distinctly highlight how Flyv's model was disruptive and revolutionary.

Booking & Fulfillment Platform

Designing a robust booking platform and a fulfillment algorithm to ensure actionable offers was paramount. This involved meticulously weaving together resource management with potential route creation, ensuring every proposed flight is viable.

The Flyv Difference

With over 450 small airfields in Germany alone, Flyv envisaged a new travel paradigm. A system that promises ease of travel and significant time savings, with the convenience of local airfields. Their commitment was to make inter-city and rural connections more efficient, capturing an untapped market.


Conclusion & Triumphs

Over a span of 8 weeks, the concerted efforts of 9 individuals from SH bore fruit. We conducted 9 user tests, generated 4 prototypes, and rendered 58 screens of concept designs, all culminating in a pivotal meeting in Warsaw. Our collaboration has not only brought Flyv's vision closer to realization but also crafted it into a tangible prototype ready for investor interactions.

Propelling visions skyward: Making Flyv's disruptive travel model tangible and investor-ready!


Flyv's revolutionary approach to aviation, combined with SH's expertise in custom software development, web development, and product design, has set the stage for a new era in European travel. Our journey with Flyv underscores our commitment to transforming abstract ideas into viable products, ensuring they are ready to soar high.

Experience the Flyv difference here.

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