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Transform Healthcare with Cutting-Edge Tech.

Let's start a new chapter in healthcare, where innovation and advanced technology transform the experience of medical services.

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Innovative tech solutions that solve today’s medical challenges

Digitization of Services

If digitization is your challenge, we have a solution. Transitioning to digital management of your facility and patient documentation becomes simple and intuitive with our support.

Secure Patient Data

Protecting patient data is your responsibility. Our tools ensure their security and guarantee access only to authorized individuals.

Improved Communication with Patients

Is improving communication with patients a priority for you? We offer solutions that streamline and personalize contact, building trust and satisfaction.

Optimized Processes in the Facility

Struggling with operational overload? Our tools automate daily tasks, giving you more time to care for patients.

Medical Team Management

Coordinating team work can be a challenge. With our solutions, it's easier to manage your team, schedule, and tasks, increasing work efficiency.

Access to Advanced Data Analysis

Need better insights into data? Our analytical systems provide valuable information, helping you make better decisions about your facility.

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From Vision to Implementation: Our Solutions for the Medical Industry

Technological Revolution in Alzheimer's Patient Care

Working with Simon Care Management, Startup House transformed a product vision into a functional MVP in just 5 months.

Get to know Simon Care

Robust Mobile CRM Tool

Siemens Healthineers AG, a leader in the medical device industry, teamed up with Startup House in May 2020 to strengthen its Digital Sales Companion department.

Your Medical AI Assistant

An innovative health app based on artificial intelligence - designed to offer ultra-fast health solutions and improve patient treatment outcomes.

Looking for Always-Up, Securely Managed Healthcare Apps?

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Ironclad Security: DNS Protection & Full Encryption.

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Always On: Auto-Backups & Fail-Safe Clusters.

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24/7 Vigilance: Proactive Monitoring & Testing.

Our Expertise in Healthcare

Combining technology and innovation to transform patient care. Explore our diverse range of solutions advancing the healthcare sector.

Telemedicine Solutions and remote patient monitoring

User-friendly telehealth platforms.

Video conferencing integration and remote monitoring.

Solutions that allows us to know where the patient is and record his data

Revolutionizing Care with AI & Machine Learning

Leveraging artificial intelligence for diagnostics.

Developing machine learning models for personalized medicine.

Ethical considerations and transparency in AI healthcare applications.

Connected health ecosystems

Dedicated to creating intuitive UX/UI designs tailored for healthcare applications.

Balancing aesthetics with functionality to meet the unique needs of healthcare environments.

Focusing on user-centric designs for both healthcare professionals and patients.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Importance of EHR in modern healthcare.

Developing secure and interoperable EHR systems.

Compliance with healthcare data regulations (HIPAA, GDPR).

Personalized Medicine: Tailoring Treatment

Applying advanced data analytics for personalized healthcare strategies.

Enhancing patient care with a focus on individual health profiles and outcomes.

Utilizing genetic and lifestyle data for targeted treatment plans.

“In just two months, we built a pioneering AI healthcare solution, exemplifying our rapid innovation and commitment to delivering industry-leading, compliant technology. Meet Doogie, our AI health consultant showcase.”

Marek Majdak

CTO @Startup House

Digital Transformation Across Healthcare Spectrum

Optimizing Clinical Research and Informatics

Clinical research and informatics can benefit greatly from digital innovation. Efficient data management and analysis tools can lead to more informed decisions, better research outcomes, and ultimately, improved patient care.

Modernizing Hospital Operations

Discover how digital advancements can transform hospital operations. From patient record management to streamlined administrative processes, the potential for increased efficiency and improved patient care is immense.

Innovating in Pharmaceutical Research

Pharmaceutical research can leap forward with digital integration. Embrace solutions that assist in data analysis, research management, and expedite the journey from concept to market.

Enhancing Home Healthcare Services

In home healthcare, digital solutions bring care closer to patients. Tools like remote monitoring and digital health records ensure continuous, high-quality care, maintaining patient comfort and convenience.

Advanced Security Measures for HIPAA Compliance

Cloud Solutions & Compliance

Utilizing advanced cloud solutions, including BAA execution and dedicated VPCs, for rigorous adherence to HIPAA standards.

Robust Network Security

Implementing dedicated VPCs, encrypted traffic, and firewall rules to ensure the highest level of network security.

Comprehensive Audit Logs

Detailed Kubernetes policies and database logs, extending beyond HIPAA's requirements for simplified compliance.

Multi-Level Protection Strategies

Physical and network security measures, including mTLS, HTTPS enforcement, and regular security assessments.

Proactive Threat Detection

Continuous monitoring with Falco, automated penetration testing, and internal scanning systems for vigilant security.

Secure Data Storage

Cloud SQL solutions featuring encryption, private IPs, and automated backups for secure and accessible data.

Our Comprehensive Approach in Healthcare Technology


Ideation & Strategy

We understand your healthcare challenges. Our strategic ideation, infused with insights, forms the foundation for transformative healthcare tech. We're here to drive innovation and enhance healthcare solutions for a brighter future.


Design & Development

In design and development, we create intuitive healthcare apps tailored to patient needs. We research patient types for UI customization. Our agile process ensures efficient, adaptable products for providers and patients.


Testing & Deployment

We prioritize quality and reliability in healthcare tech. Rigorous testing ensures robust, secure, compliant software. Seamless integration with existing systems enhances workflows, aligning our solutions with your environment.


Ongoing Support & Evolution

We prioritize health and safety, offering continuous support and maintenance for evolving needs. This includes updates, monitoring, and user feedback for cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

Revolutionize Healthcare with Us!

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Enhancing Efficiency with AI-Driven Pre-Visit Assessments

  • Early Symptom Analysis

    AI tools analyze symptoms before appointments, ensuring that doctors can prioritize critical cases first.

  • Reduced Waiting Times

    Automated pre-screening by AI reduces in-clinic wait times by streamlining the consultation process.

  • Pre-Visit Consultations

    Our AI solution collects patient data prior to visits, allowing for more focused and effective doctor-patient interactions.

  • Non-Essential Issue Detection

    Identify health concerns that don't require a doctor's visit, advised through AI-driven summaries and recommendations.

  • Enhanced Patient Preparation

    Patients arrive better prepared for their consultations, with AI providing guidance on required documentation and pre-visit procedures.

  • Continuous Health Monitoring

    Integrate continuous health tracking that informs both patients and physicians of health status changes, optimizing the timing and necessity of appointments.

Enhancing Efficiency with AI-Driven Pre-Visit Assessments

Cut the Costs of Unattended Appointments

Why are uncancelled appointments costly?

Uncancelled appointments waste valuable healthcare resources and delay care for others. Our digital solutions ensure appointments are either attended or promptly rescheduled, preserving resources and enhancing care availability.

How can digital automation make a difference?

Implementing automated scheduling solutions minimizes no-shows by offering patients flexible scheduling options and easy rescheduling features, leading to better attendance and increased operational efficiency.

What about patient forgetfulness?

Reduce forgetfulness with our tailored reminder systems that send alerts via SMS, email, or app notifications. These reminders improve attendance rates and allow for quick adjustments to the schedule, keeping your operations smooth and patient-focused.

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