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Validate Your Idea Quickly Through Product Discovery

Through Product Discovery you gain an intimate understanding of customers’ habits and needs so that your product is specifically tailored to accommodating these habits and meeting these needs.

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Why your idea needs Product Discovery

Minimize Risks:

Product Discovery is vital when you want to conduct thorough target market research and user testing to minimize risk to your product investment.

Validate the Initial Concept:

Product Discovery becomes essential when you need to validate and/or refine the initial concept of your product.

Design a Solution:

You need Product Discovery when you're looking to ideate around your initial concept and design a solution to an identified problem.

Understand End-Users:

Product Discovery is necessary when you need a deeper understanding of your end users, their needs, and their problems.

Boost Your Creativity:

When creative support is needed for developing an appealing and useful set of features, Product Discovery comes to the rescue.

Define Next Steps & Prioritize Investment:

When you have a plethora of product ideas, Product Discovery aids in wise and rational prioritization for investment considerations.

Who Gets Involved?

In the Product Discovery process we ensure representatives from all perspectives are involved. This means building a team of technical experts, target end-users and business-oriented individuals. Typically, these roles will include:

Product Manager

Product Manager

UX/UI Designer

UX/UI Designer

Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer

Business Representative

Business Representative

What do you get from Product Discovery

Development Cost

A detailed cost estimation file for MVP features, helping you prioritize and plan your next steps more effectively.

Features Aligned

Through research, user testing, and prototyping, we create a list of feasible, user-desired product features aligned with your business model.

Wireframes designed

We create wireframes for your MVP product version and conduct UX testing with real users to incorporate new ideas and improvements before starting MVP development.

Materials for development

The scope-building process provides all for development: MVP user-flow, prototype updates, test results, tech recommendations, and an estimation file.

Deep understanding of persona needs/gains

Detailed persona description ensures product alignment with target audience.

Our Product Discovery Process



We conduct qualitative and quantitative research for an optimum understanding of customers and business environment.


Problem Defining

We identify, define and prioritize which problems should be addressed, and base our decisions on customer needs, competitor analyses and your business goals



To solve user problems effectively, we co-create potential features, generating a diverse list for prioritization in the first product release or later consideration.



We create a low-fidelity prototype for testing a product's UX, focusing primarily on flow and ease of use.


User Testing

Testing previously designed prototypes with users lets us identify and rectify any potential UX flaws or imperfections.



The client receives all necessary items for pitching: budget, timeline, prototype, validation through user testing.

Choose from our wide range of Product Workshops

Unlock your product's potential with our range of product workshops.

Product Discovery Workshop

What?Persona benefit analysis, solution generation and prioritization, compilation of features list for MVP and next releases

When?A the start of product development or when completing user/market research

GoalProduct features list and product roadmap

Idea Generation and Innovation Workshop

What?Focus on broadening group member perspectives and the creative process for generating innovating ideas

When?At the start of product development or following the first round of user/market research

GoalA compilation of fresh and exciting product ideas.

User Story-Mapping Workshop

What?User story composition, workflow completion for all product user types, product feature prioritization

When?At the start of product development or following the first round of user/market research

GoalA listing of all user stories to be developed for the MVP, app or platform

Business Model & Value Proposition Design Workshop

What?Verifying customer value proposition and ensuring that all essential elements for a viable business are in place

When?Upon idea completion

GoalTo define and articulate the unique value your business brings to your customers

“During Product Discovery, Startup House helped me to understand the lean start-up way of product development with initial research, discovery workshops and many hours of discussion and iteration.”

Jonathan Goodman

Founder @ NegotiateNow

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