Transforming an idea into a full MVP mobile app within 5 months with Startup House

Simon Care Management

Transforming an idea into a full MVP mobile app within 5 months with Startup House
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    Simon Care Management

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    🇺🇸USA / 🇬🇧United Kingdom

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    April 2023

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    Custom Software DevelopmentProduct DesignUX/UI DesignUser Testing


Simon Care Management, based in the US and UK, approached Startup House at the idea stage of their innovative application aimed at providing holistic care for people with dementia and their families. Over the course of 5 months, our team meticulously worked to craft an application that beautifully conveys the essence of "Connect and Care".

Simon Care Management offers a specialized application designed to elevate the care experience for people living with dementia and their loved ones.

The Challenge

The mission was clear but demanding: To deliver a working MVP in just 5 months that focused on the most impactful features, ensuring the user interface was specially tailored for people with dementia. The project demanded extensive user testing with both patients and caregivers and effective coordination between various stakeholders.

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Our Approach

At Startup House, we pride ourselves on our agile software development process. We embraced a systematic approach:

Phase 1: Scoping, user testing, and estimations to understand the core needs and potential challenges.

Phase 2: MVP development leveraging leveraging user value and custom software development expertise.

Phase 3: Enhancements focusing on a robust notification system.

Technology Stack

  • Main Language: TypeScript
  • Frontend: React Native, MobX, and more, with integrations including Google Places autocomplete and real-time location tracking.
  • Backend: NodeJS-backed REST API hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.
8 sprints accompanied with user testing sessions, 2 meticulously crafted prototypes


MVP Development: Crafted over 8 sprints, incorporating app development, product design, and UI/UX design.

User Testing: Conducted 7 user testing sessions with caregivers and used the feedback for iterative product development.

Prototypes: Two detailed prototypes, one designed for caregivers and another for patients, all keeping in mind the best web development practices.

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Within 5 months, Simon Care Management had a test-ready MVP mobile app. With the help of Testflight, a platform for beta testing iOS apps, they were able to distribute their app to beta testers. Simultaneously, using Amplitude, a product analytics tool, they could gather and analyze user behavior data, obtaining invaluable product insights.

Ready MVP in 5 months built based on user feedback. Product discovery with product development in light-speed.

Customer Feedback

Simon Care Management expressed appreciation for the quality assurance provided by Startup House, acknowledging the efficiency and dedication of the scrum team. They were impressed with how the product development team adeptly used the agile development methodology to ensure the product was created with the user at its heart.

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