Empowering E-commerce Evolution: The Omnipack & SH Synergy

Empowering E-commerce Evolution: The Omnipack & SH Synergy
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    May 2023

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Empowering e-commerce merchants across Europe and beyond, Omnipack is a force to be reckoned with in the dual domains of e-commerce and logistics. SH has been thrilled to work hand-in-hand with this ambitious firm to optimize their operations, maintain and further develop their proprietary system, OmniSoft. Discover how we helped Poland's top startup to save 40% on development.

About Omnipack

Situated in the heart of Europe, Warsaw, Poland, Omnipack is a rising star in the e-commerce and logistics industry. Their mission? Empowering e-commerce merchants to grow frictionless. Their vision is no less ambitious: Building the most reliable and scalable fulfillment network in Europe.

Since 2016, Omnipack has played a pivotal role in the e-commerce landscape. The company manages logistics operations for over 100 online stores, maintaining an impressive 99.95% perfect order ratio. Their expansive operations span 40+ countries, with an impressive record of 6 million parcels delivered globally.


omnipack_image2.pngThe Challenge

Omnipack built OmniSoft, a state-of-the-art system that handles fulfillment, shipping, and returns. This system serves as the bridge between merchants and Omnipack’s operations. However, with rapid growth and the challenges of scaling, Omnipack sought a specialist firm to take over the system's optimization and development. That's where SH stepped in.

The Solution

Under the dedicated leadership of CTO Marek Majdak, SH took over the development of OmniSoft in May 2023. Our product team, consisting of 2 backend engineers, 1 frontend engineer, and 1 quality assurance expert, plunged into the realms of Java, Spring, Kafka, React, and more from our technology stack to provide a seamless takeover of the system.

Our primary objectives were clear:


By focusing on digital specialization, we were able to significantly reduce their costs by 40%. Omnipack was initially not focused on cost optimization, dedicating their efforts to fulfillment services. Recognizing our expertise in digital solutions, they sought our help to reduce the costs associated with software maintenance and development. We tailored a team specifically for their needs, ensuring efficient procurement and minimal team rotation. This approach not only reduced their software costs but also provided a quality assurance, with the flexibility to scale the team and add more specialists as needed.

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We introduced enhanced project management standards within Agile practices. This included assuming responsibility for specific tasks that were beyond Omnipack’s expertise, prompting their engagement due to their need for specialized knowledge. Our ability to provide the right people for the job and our flexibility in adjusting the team composition as per the project’s evolving needs showcased our strength in this area.

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Our collaboration was marked by a commitment to continuous learning and adaptability. In situations where budget changes occurred, we adjusted our team structure to best meet the client’s needs. For instance, when Omnipack struggled with effectively managing their in-house project team, lacking defined career paths and guidance for them, we seamlessly integrated these employees into our team. This not only filled a gap Omnipack couldn’t address but also stayed within their planned budget. Our team received support, development opportunities, and the benefit of our extensive IT management experience. We efficiently managed the team, responding to ad hoc needs and providing team members from different fields without long-term commitments when required. This approach ensured effective control over the annual budget and system maintenance.

Key Achievements

Group 626296.png

Looking Ahead

SH is proud of our ongoing collaboration with Omnipack. Together, we aim to bolster the e-commerce landscape, ensuring merchants across Europe and beyond have the tools and infrastructure they need to grow and thrive.


Technology Stack

When working on the project we focused on using the most recent technology pieces:

Group 626295.png

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