An Enduring Collaboration in Climate Solutions

CHOOOSE & SH: An Enduring Collaboration in Climate Solutions
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Based in Oslo, Norway, CHOOOSE stands as a beacon in the climate tech sector. Their mission? Accelerate climate action around the world. But even leaders need the right support.

CHOOOSE is powering climate programs for leading  brands across the travel and transportation industry.

The challenge 🚀

After receiving their Seed Capital, CHOOOSE was at a big turning point. They needed to grow and find the right people fast, people who could keep up with big changes. They did a lot of research to find the best partner for this. They looked at many companies but chose us because we stood out as a team augmentation partner. We had just what they needed to find great talent and grow quickly.

Our Long-Term Engagement

For over 4 years, we’ve been more than just a vendor for CHOOOSE; we've been a flexible staff augmentation partner. This partnership saw us providing specialists in areas like design, QA, Front-end, and Back-end development. Here's where our augmentation service stood out:

  • Cultural Fit: Our team didn't just have the right skills; they also shared CHOOOSE’s values and culture.
  • Flexibility: We adjusted our team size to meet CHOOOSE’s evolving needs, showing we can adapt quickly.
  • Skillset Match: We cut down onboarding time by bringing in pros who had exactly the skills CHOOOSE needed.
  • Tailoring: Our team was carefully picked, with some recommended from our proven team and others directly by our recruiters for CHOOOSE.
  • Commitment and Ownership: Our team showed high commitment and ownership, deeply involving themselves in the project.
  • High Requirement Standards: We met not just CHOOOSE’s high standards, but ours too.

Our relationship with CHOOOSE wasn’t just about numbers. It was about giving them the right people at the right time, ensuring they always had quality and continuity in their work.

"Adhering to our commitment to “future-proof technologies only,” we engaged in a collaborative effort where the selection of a resilient tech stack was a central focus. Guided by the visionary approach of the CTO, who worked closely with our team to consider recommendations and insights, we ensured that the chosen technologies would not only withstand the test of time but also foster innovation and longevity in our project." - Marek Pałys, Head of Sales @SH

Impacting Growth and Change

We formed a robust team for CHOOOSE in just two weeks, playing a significant role in their journey to success. This move enabled CHOOOSE to save on operational costs, freeing up more resources for their primary mission. 

Our dedicated team, with extensive experience across different sectors, successfully met the high benchmarks set by CHOOOSE and their partners.



CHOOOSE, a leading climate tech company, provides digital solutions to enable multi-faceted decarbonization programs in hard to abate sectors, including aviation, shipping, and logistics. The CHOOOSE platform empowers large enterprises and their customers to understand their carbon footprints, to make more carbon-informed decisions, and to support diverse climate solutions. Learn more at

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