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lily is an innovative high-impact app designed to connect users with carefully selected non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focused on alleviating human suffering, including hunger, health problems, and poverty. With a limited budget and a tight timeline, lily team sought to build a production-ready app quickly and efficiently.


Our team at SH collaborated with lily, rapidly developing an MVP to test among friends and family. We focused on creating a core product with limited functionalities to verify market needs, and quickly launched a beta version on TestFlight for the App Store.

We then enhanced the app by adding features such as simple sign-in, challenge sign-ups, feed, and community statistics. After refining the app through two iterations, the improved open beta version became available in the App Store.


Future Plans

lily plans to expand its features, including bundling NGOs by support sector, adding a chat function, and creating groups of supporters who share similar interests in the NGOs they support.

Lean Methodology and Fast Delivery

Working closely with lily, we built a cost-effective app following lean principles, allowing users to access the app, albeit imperfect, and provide valuable feedback. Our agile approach and cross-time zone collaboration ensured rapid MVP development and allowed lily to explore business opportunities strategically.



Our collaboration with lily enabled the launch of a commercial-ready product within six months. We successfully delivered a functional app within the client's budget, meeting their core needs, and allowing them to gather user feedback for future improvements.


Customer Success

lily's founder, Justin Hoffmann, has expressed satisfaction with our work, as evidenced by the positive review on Clutch. You can learn more about lily and Justin Hoffmann on their LinkedIn profile.

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