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Minimum Viable Product, Minimum Acceptable Product, or Minimum Awesome Product. Whatever you call it, it’s the first step to highlightvalidating your business idea.

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Why you highlightneed an MVP

Core Functionality:

Developed through a thoughtful product discovery and development process, an MVP encapsulates the core features that are essential to your primary business strategy. This allows for a cost-effective launch of a product that satisfies basic user needs, highlighting the critical role of MVPs.

Achieving Product-Market Fit:

User workshops and testing, integral parts of the MVP process, provide valuable insights into product users. This information plays a key role in shaping the MVP to fit market needs seamlessly.

Prioritizing Feature Development:

As a tool for collecting customer feedback, an MVP proves efficient and effective. This feedback is pivotal when prioritizing features for subsequent stages of product development, making an MVP more than just a product, but a tool for learning and strategic decision-making.

Establishing Success Metrics:

Within the MVP process, defining success metrics is paramount. An MVP enables you to set clear and attainable goals while determining how to test your product effectively. Such goals may include optimal download and launch rates, percentages of active users, and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Evaluating Market Fit:

The MVP development process encourages an iterative approach: tweak, test, and improve. This aids in creating a product that not only meets market expectations but effectively addresses customer needs. Through this process, you're refining a solution to achieve market fit, not merely launching a product.

Meet our MVP Players

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QA Engineer

Greet... Sorry is that a BUG on your shirt?


QA Engineer



Project Manager

Hey! I’m the one who juggles ideas, features, and deadlines like a circus star!


Project Manager



Product Designer

Heya! I make our products look so good, you’ll want to frame them!


Product Designer



Frontend Developer

I’m a drag-and-drop puzzle master! No challenge can defeat me!


Frontend Developer



Backend Developer

I'm the secret sauce behind the scenes, making sure everything runs smoothly. Call me the code-whisperer!


Backend Developer

Get from concept to completion in highlight


Scoping & research

Before getting started, our dedicated market research team initiates the market validation process with thorough research to ensure the success of the project.


Product design

First, wireframes are made ready for testing. A prototype is a clickable version of the product’s wireframes. These days, users expect high quality UI/UX. So, our next step is designing wireframes for creating a clickable prototype that will test the initial level of this quality in your product.


User testing

Here, we gather user feedback and make fixes for completing the final designs of the product.


Development & maintenance

Post MVP testing, we undertake further development and maintenance. Here, we refine features, incorporate user feedback, and ensure operational excellence, fostering your product's evolution in the marketplace.

“Startup House executed a rapid process, allowing the company to deliver highlightthe desired MVP in less than 4 months. They were a strategic partner who worked on product discovery, scoping, and design.“

Jonathan Goodman

Founder @ NegotiateNow

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Meet Marek.

Meet Marek.

Marek may seem like he's daydreaming, but don't let that mislead you - he knows a lot about MVPs and will resolve all your doubts on the topic.

If you want to talk to him just schedule a call.

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