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Unearthing Insights

Our strength lies in understanding the needs of real-world users. We gather critical insights that form the strategic bedrock of your product design.

Vision into Reality

We specialize in creating impactful visual brand identities and guidelines, essential touchpoints in your product's digital journey.

From Concept to Craft

Our design process transforms a single idea into a comprehensive user story. We design the assets necessary to evolve your idea into a perfectly crafted product.

Building an Identity

From initial ideation to product launch, we create solutions to significant and unforeseen challenges through a consistent design system and compelling branding.

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The Importance of highlightProduct Design
in Business

Strengthening Brand Identity

Product design amplifies your brand identity, building an enduring bond of recognition and loyalty with your customers.

Fostering Innovation

Product design stimulates innovation, enabling the creation of new products or the improvement of existing ones to meet dynamic customer needs.

Driving Cost-effectiveness

Good product design ensures cost-effectiveness. It simplifies manufacturing, maintenance, and upgrades, making your products more market-friendly.

Solving Customer Problems

Our user-centric design approach allows us to create products that address your customers' needs directly. We iterate through design, feedback, and refinement until we reach the final, optimized version.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

A well-designed product guarantees customer satisfaction. An intuitive user experience can convert ordinary users into loyal fans and widen the gap between you and your competitors.

Powering Marketing Efforts

Product design is a critical marketing component. By making your products appealing to your potential customers, it contributes to increased sales and business growth.



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Meet our highlightDesign Team

Miłosz PirógMiłosz Piróg

Miłosz Piróg

Head of Design

If Miłosz weren't the Head of Design, he would most likely spend his time skiing ⛷

Miłosz Piróg

Head of Design

Karolina DiłajKarolina Diłaj

Karolina Diłaj

Product Designer

On ice Karolina transforms into Clumsy Champion of Hockey Skating 😵‍💫

Karolina Diłaj

Product Designer

Klaudia KoriatKlaudia Koriat

Klaudia Koriat

Senior UX Designer

After work Klaudia is awkwardly wobbling on the saddle or feeding chickens while sipping on a glass of fine wine 🍷

Klaudia Koriat

Senior UX Designer

Mateusz SajdakMateusz Sajdak

Mateusz Sajdak

Product Designer

Mateusz likes to listen to hip-hop. Just look how good he is vibing at one of the festivals 🎵

Mateusz Sajdak

Product Designer

Nina MikulskaNina Mikulska

Nina Mikulska

Product Designer

In her free time, Nina is addicted to salsa. No, not the one for eating 💃

Nina Mikulska

Product Designer

Natalia MachnickaNatalia Machnicka

Natalia Machnicka

Senior Product Designer

Natalia enjoys travelling, working with dogs (especially retrievers) and caring about her home garden 🌺

Natalia Machnicka

Senior Product Designer

Bartosz StorożakBartosz Storożak

Bartosz Storożak

Senior Product Designer

In his free time, Bartek enjoys traveling and, for example, bathing elephants 🙃

Bartosz Storożak

Senior Product Designer

Together We Have
Years of Experience

Great design doesn't have to be complicated. It needs to reveal the true nature of a company and its value proposition. It wasn't a simple task, but SH Team made the challenge look easy.”

Paweł Michalski

CEO @ VCLeaders

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