Web app in less than 5 months 

NegotiateNow's Rapid No-Code Marketplace Transformation

Web app in less than 5 months 
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Speedy Success: NegotiateNow's No-Code Journey to a Rapid MVP

NegotiateNow, a platform connecting consumers with professional negotiators for better deals, sought a swift development process to bring their idea to life. With our team's guidance, we conducted a comprehensive 6-week Product Discovery phase, fine-tuning the concept and creating a prioritized roadmap. Utilizing no-code technologies and the Bubble platform, we delivered a fully-functional web application in just five months - half the industry standard time. This rapid, no-code approach highlights our commitment to efficient, cutting-edge solutions.


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About the client

NegotiateNow is a US-based platform designed to help people secure better deals on products and services by connecting them with professional negotiators. The platform also enables group deals for bulk purchasing, offering superior prices and fostering a sense of community among users with shared commercial interests.


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Rapid MVP Delivery and No-Code Development

The primary challenge for the NegotiateNow project was to create a clear, simple, and rapid flow for a complex idea. The focus was on delivering the product as quickly as possible using no-code technology, without compromising on quality and user experience.


Product Discovery

Fine-Tuning the Idea

We started with a 6-week Product Discovery process, which involved several workshop and hours of discussion to challenge and refine the idea. The result was a full roadmap with release prioritization, tailored specifically to the client's needs and goals. Our personalized approach ensured that the client's vision was fully understood and incorporated into the development process.


Enhancing User Experience

Our UX and UI design team collaborated closely with the client to create a product that not only met user needs but was also easy to use and designed to deliver business results. The focus was on the customer journey and how it connected users to the service and the platform.


MVP Delivery

Embracing No-Code Technology

To achieve a rapid MVP delivery, we decided to use no-code technologies and selected the Bubble platform due to its scalability, accessible plugin options, and overall functionality. The development team consisted of a developer, quality engineer, and project manager, all working in harmony to deliver a fully-developed, no-code web application in just five months.

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Rapid Delivery and Strong Business Relationships

The five-month journey from idea to product resulted in an in-depth analysis, precise definition, and swift delivery of the NegotiateNow platform. By working closely with the client and fostering a strong business relationship, we were able to provide a full roadmap, Hi-Fi design, and a fully-developed no-code web application. The speed and efficiency of this process highlight our commitment to providing innovative and cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

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