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Designed to be interactive:

Our design and UI/UX solutions create engaging web applications while offering many additional app features such as mobile accessibility and browser notification functionality.

We build with top technologies:

Our advanced developers ensure their full fluency in the latest technologies for building cutting-edge apps. Applications that are as robust as they are secure.

Get integrated:

We make sure your apps are accessible on multiple devices so that your business can access all the customer behavior data you need for maintaining an optimum service.

Customized, scalable apps:

Our web apps serve the efficient growth of your business by accommodating any increase in user numbers and load size.

Fast, accurate QA:

A crucial stage in quality web app development. Your product undergoes our thorough cross-browser and cross-platform testing to provide maximum satisfaction for your end-users.

Accessibility standards:

We ensure your application is designed to conform to WCAG 2.0 recommendations, thereby offering its full accessibility to all users.

Choosing the right web
development technology

SDH developers navigate the quickly changing technology industry every day and are ready to dive deep into each product's needs and suggest the correct development tools.

Our solutions

How we build your product


Workshop & Ideation

Taking time to polish up the value proposition and understand the user is necessary to ensure a solid foundation of the business concept.


Product design

Few intense days of work result in defining the persona, improved knowledge transfer within the team and most importantly – product lifecycle in a nutshell with plans for its growth.


Usability testing

The concept and prototype are tested on suitable personas gathering feedback for UX and UI adjustments.



We combine test-driven development (TDD) and agile approach to ensure a smooth development process that will quickly react to market needs



We always observe the product’s performance - technologies get outdated, security threats need to be mitigated, and your solution has to be ready to face huge numbers of users


Further development

Seeing real users interact with the product makes it easier to plan the next steps of business development, prioritize new features and build a long term roadmap

“The SH team is always understanding and took any required extra steps with us until all stakeholders were satisfied.”

Holger Rohden

Program Mngr Digital Sales Companion @ Siemens Healthineers

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