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How to offshore software development

Understand the global outsourcing scene to make the right decisionsLet this guidebook be your trusted companion in the process of finding the perfect tech partner. In this overview, you'll get a deep dive into the challenges of the European IT job market, a comparison of top outsourcing markets, important factors to consider when choosing a development company, and cool case studies of different team setups for digital product collaboration. Enjoy!

Remote tools guide

Supercharge your productivity when working remotely At Startup House over the last 7 years we’ve used many tools to level up our productivity. Dive into our insights and make informed decisions about remote tools that perfectly suit your needs!

The products that people want to use

Get experience-driven insights from Startup House product managersThis ebook is tailored for founders, CTOs, product managers, and anyone involved in the digital product creation process. Discover essential considerations when building an MVP, along with expert advice on overcoming challenges, stage-specific priorities, key terminologies, and real-life anecdotes directly from our experienced team!

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