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what is test driven development tdd cycle

What is Test-Driven Development (Tdd) Cycle - Startup House

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a software development methodology that focuses on writing tests before writing the actual code. The TDD cycle consists of three main steps: writing a failing test, writing the minimum amount of code to make the test pass, and refactoring the code to improve its design without changing its behavior.

The first step in the TDD cycle is to write a failing test that defines the desired behavior of the code. This test should be specific, clear, and focused on a single piece of functionality. By writing the test first, developers are forced to think about the requirements of the code before writing it, which can help to clarify the design and reduce the likelihood of bugs.

Once the failing test is written, the next step is to write the minimum amount of code necessary to make the test pass. This code should be simple, straightforward, and focused solely on passing the test. This step helps to ensure that the code is only as complex as necessary and avoids over-engineering.

After the test is passing, the final step in the TDD cycle is refactoring. Refactoring involves improving the design of the code without changing its behavior. This can include simplifying the code, removing duplication, and improving readability. By continuously refactoring the code, developers can ensure that it remains maintainable, scalable, and easy to understand.

Overall, the TDD cycle is a powerful tool for improving the quality of software development. By focusing on writing tests first, developers can clarify requirements, reduce bugs, and improve the design of their code. By following the TDD cycle, developers can create high-quality, well-designed software that is easier to maintain and extend.
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