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5 BDD Testing Frameworks to Consider | Perfecto by Perforce

Marek Pałys

Jun 12, 20234 min read

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Table of Content

  • Embracing BDD in Software Development

  • What Is BDD Behavior Driven Development?

  • 5 BDD Testing Frameworks to Consider

  • How to Implement the BDD Approach?

  • Conclusion: Adopt the BDD Way

  • FAQ

Embracing highlightBDD in Software Development

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) has become an essential part of the software development process. By combining the principles of test driven development and domain specific language, it aligns software development with business requirements. But which BDD testing frameworks should you consider? Let's explore the options, highlighting why you should use a BDD framework in your development process.

What Is highlightBDD Behavior Driven Development?

BDD is a response to the challenges in test code development, bridging the communication gap between business stakeholders, non technical team members, and developers. Using plain English or plain language, BDD enables testers to create user stories and acceptance criteria that reflect business behavior and end user needs.

Key Advantages of BDD:

  • Shared Understanding: Promotes shared understanding among project team members.
  • Natural Language: Makes test scripting accessible to non technical teams.
  • Concrete Examples: Provides clear scenarios and expected outcomes.
  • Ubiquitous Language: Establishes a common language between developers and business analysts.

5 BDD highlightTesting Frameworks to Consider

1. Cucumber – A BDD Framework Tool

  • Feature Files: Uses Gherkin language for defining test scenarios.
  • Human Readable: Facilitates writing tests in a natural language.
  • Best for: Agile methodology and acceptance testing.

2. JBehave

  • Integration: Works well with Java programming languages.
  • Business Value: Emphasizes validation of business requirements.
  • Best for: Large-scale software project with complex test cases.

3. SpecFlow

  • .NET Compatible: Ideal for .NET development team.
  • Scenario Outline: Enables easy reusability of step definitions.
  • Best for: Acceptance tests and functional testing.

4. Behat

  • PHP-Focused: Best suited for PHP programming languages.
  • BDD with Gherkin Syntax: Provides greater transparency in test results.
  • Best for: Web application behavior and system behavior testing.

5. TestNG

  • Java-Based: An effective tool for unit testing and test automation.
  • Flexibility: Offers complete test scripting options.
  • Best for: Integration with existing development and testing framework.

How to Implement the BDD Approach?

  • Understanding Requirements: Collaborate with team members to define user story and acceptance criteria.
  • Writing Feature Files: Utilize Gherkin language for clear scenario outline.
  • Automating Tests: Implement chosen BDD testing framework for automated test scenarios.
  • Validation: Ensure valid credentials and invalid credentials are thoroughly tested.
  • Review and Refinement: Continuously adapt additional features and improve code quality.

Conclusion: highlightAdopt the BDD Way

Embracing BDD is not just about choosing the right tools; it's about a mindset that places collaboration, clarity, and business value at the heart of the development process. With Perfecto by Perforce, software development teams can achieve greater efficiency and success in their BDD approach.

Now, to leave you with something unexpected: What does a software developer say to an indecisive computer? “Just BDD-cide already!”


What is Behavior Driven Development (BDD)?

BDD is an approach that extends test driven development, focusing on collaboration and alignment with business stakeholders.

Why Use BDD Framework?

A BDD framework ensures clear communication, promotes shared tools, and facilitates writing human-readable test cases.

What are Feature Files?

Feature files are used in BDD to define test scenarios in a domain specific language like Gherkin.

What are the Advantages of BDD Testing?

BDD testing ensures alignment with business requirements, enhances communication, and supports automated test scenarios.

What is Cucumber?

Cucumber is a popular BDD testing framework that uses Gherkin syntax to define tests.

How to Implement the BDD Approach?

Implementing BDD involves understanding requirements, writing feature files, automating tests, and continuous refinement.

What is Agile Testing Approach?

Agile testing approach emphasizes collaboration, flexibility, and continuous feedback in the development process.

How is BDD different from Test Driven Development?

BDD focuses on business behavior and collaboration, while test driven development emphasizes code testing.

What are the Advantages of BDD Framework?

Advantages include shared understanding, ease of use for non technical team members, and clearer test scenarios.

Can BDD be used with different programming languages?

Yes, different BDD frameworks support various programming languages.

What is Gherkin Language?

Gherkin is a human-readable language used in BDD for writing tests.

What is the role of acceptance testing in BDD?

Acceptance testing in BDD ensures that the developed feature meets the acceptance criteria and user expectations.

What are BDD Tools?

BDD tools like Cucumber facilitate the behavior driven development approach by supporting feature files, step definitions, and more.

How does BDD promote greater transparency?

BDD promotes transparency by facilitating clear communication and collaboration among team members.

What is the difference between BDD and traditional testing?

Traditional testing focuses on system functionality, while BDD emphasizes collaboration and alignment with business behavior.

5 BDD Testing Frameworks to Consider | Perfecto by Perforce

Published on June 12, 2023


Marek Pałys Head of Sales

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