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#SayHey to the New Brand!
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#SayHey to the New Brand!

#SayHey to the new Startup House! Seven years ago, Alex and Marek founded a company to support startups with data-driven guidance and smooth product development. Now, after countless success stories, it's time for a fresh visual identity. Welcome to a new chapter in our journey – where dreams turn into exceptional digital products.

Alexander Stasiak ・ Marek Pałys

Aug 03, 20235 min read



10 Books to read if you run a Startup

Uncover the secrets to startup success with our curated list of 10 must-read books. From Lean Startup to Blitzscaling, these insightful guides provide valuable strategies and inspiration for entrepreneurs at any stage. Share your favorite startup books and let us know which ones you've read!

Emma Revert

Jun 02, 20194 min read

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Ensuring HIPAA Compliance in Healthcare Apps with Startup House: A Comprehensive Guide

Startup House is the trusted partner for building HIPAA-compliant healthcare apps with advanced security solutions. From utilizing advanced cloud solutions to implementing comprehensive audit logs and robust security measures, we prioritize privacy, security, and compliance. With 24/7 threat detection and secure data storage, your app remains protected at all times. Choose Startup House for a reliable and secure solution that gives you peace of mind.

Marek Majdak

May 11, 20233 min read

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How to offshore software development

Understand the global outsourcing scene to make the right decisionsLet this guidebook be your trusted companion in the process of finding the perfect tech partner. In this overview, you'll get a deep dive into the challenges of the European IT job market, a comparison of top outsourcing markets, important factors to consider when choosing a development company, and cool case studies of different team setups for digital product collaboration. Enjoy!


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